Specialised transport services without borders.

We specialise in transporting abnormal and oversized loads in Poland, Europe and Asia. The founder and owner of the company is Przemysław Panas, who has been dealing with international transport of goods since 1990. PANAS TRANSPORT is a member of the prestigious International Road Transport Union in Geneva.

Are you looking for a solution to transport special loads?

Contact us! We provide specialist and abnormal transport services. We transport loads with unusual sizes, industrial containers, construction equipment and agricultural machinery, among others. We also provide escort vehicles. From the very beginning, we have invested in the best equipment and the best people. Our company’s capabilities allow us to provide top-quality services:

  • we have world-class transport resources to carry even the most unusual and demanding loads,
  • our equipment meets the strictest TUV technical requirements,
  • our staff have specialist knowledge and masterful skills,
  • we provide transport services under the cover of TIR carnets.

Why should you entrust the transport of abnormal loads to us?

Transporting unusual loads is a huge logistics challenge. It requires special equipment, professional knowledge and compliance with many formalities. What is at stake is huge costs of means of transport and the loads that are carried. There is no margin for error. We face the most difficult transport challenges in Poland and abroad with full responsibility. We have mastered the transport of complicated and heavy loads. We guarantee reliability, timeliness and competitive prices.

The customers of PANAS TRANSPORT have a guarantee of professional service, from the very first conversation to the execution of the order and the settlement of the service.

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We also provide services in the field of forwarding and transport consultancy.
We will send you precise information to allow you to economically transport your load.
We can help you choose the optimal means of transport: barges, ferries, ships, cars, trains and more.

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