We specialise in national and international transport of abnormal loads.

We organise national and international transport of loads which require something more than standard solutions. A wide range of permits, certificates and licences allows us to provide specialist transport services in Europe and Asia. We have carrier’s liability insurance and special insurance for the transport of oversized loads.

We are the elite of transport companies. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we can transport even the most demanding loads. Our services include:

  • transporting oversized loads internationally,
  • transporting abnormal loads in Poland,
  • organising transport under special permits,
  • providing our own escort vehicles,
  • ensuring police escorts,
  • providing expert opinions on bridges,
  • changing the organisation of road traffic,
  • insuring loads,
  • transporting loads under cover of TIR carnets.

We transport unusual loads to far-away destinations!

We can face even the most difficult transport challenges. One of our most extreme jobs was to remove a Boeing 767 from the apron after an emergency landing on 1 November 2011. We have transported various special loads:

  • construction and agricultural machinery,
  • finished production lines,
  • industrial boilers and overhead cranes that are several dozen metres long,
  • planes and helicopters,
  • construction cranes,
  • yachts and parts of ships,
  • monuments, tanks, museum exhibits (e.g. military fighter aircraft),
  • trams, underground wagons, railway wagons, railway engines,
  • bridge structures weighing multiple tonnes,
  • components of wind farms.

Our job is characterised not only by the transport of oversized loads. As one of a few companies in Poland, we can transport loads to unusual destinations. For example, we transported parts of a ship from a shipyard located 600 km north of the polar circle! PANAS TRANSPORT vehicles have transported abnormal loads in Asia, in the Caucasus, near the Great Wall of China, in Scandinavia, in Turkey, in the Balkans, to Ireland, to the United Kingdom and many other far-away places.

Ordering specialist transport step by step.

  1. Describing the order: destination, weight, dimensions of the load.
  2. Determining the conditions of securing the cargo.
  3. Planning the transport route.
  4. Calculating the costs of transport.
  5. Inspecting the transport and the destination.
  6. Preparing the load and the vehicle for carriage.
  7. Checking the route (mapping the route and driving along it, measuring the height of bridges, overpasses and overhead lines, identifying problematic locations, such as roundabouts, etc.).
  8. Transporting the load.

We also provide services in the field of forwarding consultancy. We give our customers advice on how to smoothly and economically transport loads. We help them choose the optimal means of transport: trucks, barges, ferries, ships, trains and more.

Transport inquiry form

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We also provide services in the field of forwarding and transport consultancy.
We will send you precise information to allow you to economically transport your load.
We can help you choose the optimal means of transport: barges, ferries, ships, cars, trains and more.

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