We can move an entire industrial facility with its equipment.

We specialise in moving company facilities and unusual facilities. The range of industries in which we offer our services is virtually unlimited. We have moved breweries, wind farms, industrial boilers and enterprises that deal with machining. We can transport an entire production facility with the machinery and equipment installed in it. We can perform any work related to specialist transport. It includes: dismantling, loading, transporting, unloading, installing and setting production lines.

How do we carry out oversized transport orders?

Working with us is very simple. When we receive an order, we provide the support of manufacturers of production lines and industrial machinery. We do it on our own. We also obtain all of the required permits for the transport of oversized loads. Sometimes, due to costs, we cannot use our own crane equipment. In this case, we choose local subcontractors. We make every effort to ensure that moving a production line or a whole enterprise is as financially beneficial for our customers as possible.

There are many reasons. We have mastered the formal and technical principles of specialist transport.


- professional crane equipment,
- state-of-the-art vehicles for transporting abnormal loads,
- the knowledge and experience of the best professionals.

All of the work we perform is comprehensive. It does not require the customer’s involvement. All we need is a signature on the order. If you need our services – call us or write to us!

Why should you entrust the transport of abnormal loads to us?

Transport inquiry form

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We also provide services in the field of forwarding and transport consultancy.
We will send you precise information to allow you to economically transport your load.
We can help you choose the optimal means of transport: barges, ferries, ships, cars, trains and more.

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