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Our offer

  • International and national transport of oversized cargo
  • Arrangement of transport requiring special permits
  • Own guiding vehicles
  • Police escorts
  • Bridge expertise
  • Capability to change traffic patterns
  • Cargo insurance
  • Transportation under the protection of TIR
  • Timely deliveries
  • Full completion of client orders
  • Precision and reliability of services
  • Competitive prices
  • We guarantee for our Clients professional treatment from the first
    conversation through project realization to Account
Crane SENNEBOGEN, weight 48T from factory to Polish client.
Transport of monument "Hetman Jan Zamoyski" from foundry in Gliwice city to Zamość city.
Transport to power plant in Russia - width 5m. weight 40t. (blue), width 4,20m. weight 40t. (yellow)
Transport of cistern, diameter 3,90 m. length 17 m. to Ukraine
Transport of trams from Vienna.
Transport of tank "RUDY 102"
Transport to Zaklady Chemiczne in Wloclawek,
length 22 m. diameter 6 m.
Transport of steel construction.
Transport of equipment from "Case" factory
Transport of container to building to France
Transport of wagon walls elements - length 16 m.
Transport to Zaklady Chemiczne in Wloclawek
length 28 m. diameter 8,10 m.
Own vehicles to guide the convoys.
Transport of construction machines loader machine - weight of 32 tons
Transport of agricultural vehicles
Transport of scrap-metal vehicles 30 tons
Transport of bridge elements length 30 meters
Transport of gauntry length 28 meters
Transportation of locomotive to Zaklady Naprawcze Taboru Kolejowego in Olesnica
Transport of containers length 30 meters
Transport of rotor to the water plant in Solina (South-east of Poland) diameter 5.2 meters
Transport of wagon crane 22 meters long, 8 meters wide, weight 50 tons
Transport of ship part located 600 km north of the Polar Circle
Transport of parts to Rolls-Royce factory in Great Britain weight 38 tons
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